2nd Photo | by Jennifer Morford

2nd Photo

I had to drop them in, but this is another photo I took. It's bad too, but they do have a forked tail.


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yeah, I still say ocellifer :)
Great score Jennifer!! These are definately Synos, and I think Sandy is right on the money here, with the ocellifer ID... I'm not good with these.. not too much actual experience with them...
I really appreciate it you two! Weehoo! I knew they were syno's, but I kept my mouth shut and asked for two. My only issue is that they are from Wal-Mart and I don't know how healthy they are. They look good and the Wal-Mart near me is nicer than most, but this is the first time I've purchased fish from them. They had other cichlids there, but I love syno's!
If they have more , you should grab all of them and keep them or turn them over... At that price , I would!!! Just a suggestion...
They're great, nice price too.