20g Planted Tank | by Joey Solomon

20g Planted Tank

Everything is going great in here. I got a new dwarf gourami and some new brazil swords yesterday then gave this tank a 65% water change. I'd have to say I look at this tank the most. Its so relaxing. Stocklist: x7 Zebra Danio x1 Congo Tetra x3 Peppered Cories x1 standard Dwarf gourami (m) x1 Red Sunset gourami (m) x1 Neon Blue gourami (m) x1 Bristlenose pleco x1 Black marble angelfish (m) I am planning on giving away/selling the standard dwarf gourami. I have an ad. up already, he won't be staying too much longer.


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Throw a couple of root tabs under those swords and they will put out new leaves every 2-3 days.
Very nice
Looks very natural. Good looking tank.
Thanks everybody! Love this tank! Manu8 I'm confused man, root tabs?
Root tabs are a "pill " you push into the substrate near the roots. It is beneficial for heavy root feeders like swords.
Tang O' is correct. API makes pretty good root tabs as well as Seachem Flourish Tabs. Your swords will appreciate the additional nutrients and show excellent color/growth. You can even make your own DIY root tabs w/ Osmocote Plus and "OO" Gel caps.
I use the product shown here: http://www.bobstropicalplants.com/shop/en/6-fertilizers I love bob's stuff. Ordered from him a few times.
thanks for clearing that up! thanks guys