10ft monster tank | by asim n

10ft monster tank

10ft monster tank, 4ft wide and 2 ft high, made from 2" thick acrylic. sorry about the mess, it is in my cousin's carpet shop. will get better and cleaner pics and videos on youtube. 9ft sump with 2 x 36 watt UV lamps running through ocean runner pumps. Home made kandisis filtration via 3 x 280 litre water butts pumping through an eheim external filter. Continuous HMA water input direct from water source to control the PH levels. Large air pump to air bubble the tank. Calcium & Nitrate Reactor to control levels. Via Sump Algae process is made to help stable water parameters. Still experimenting with filtration. FISH a variety of Peacock Bass 4 Oscars 1 x 24k Arrowana (only 1 year old) 2 x male Leopoldi Black Stingray 1 x 3ft Fire eel 1 x Ghost Knife 1 x Catfish 4 x Veijas more but cant remember name and they eat alot. standard lights at the moment as tank is in shop.


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