Massive albino oscar | by Shawn Maccormick

Massive albino oscar

I figure this fish weighs close to 3 pounds, its about 14 inches long and will take feeder mice no problem but thats only a treat


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damn thats a big ascar . . . Mice?
how olds that bad boy doesnt look that big to me looks fat like a goldfish but doesnt look very long or deep bet thats not 14 inchs dude and i know for a fact it doesnt take mice
U give me ur email and ill send u a video of it eatin a mouse to prove it if u want- Doviidude
my email is
that's awesome if it takes mice.. I dont doubt it, but i would like to see it.. if you can send it
oscar what a name for a fish that eats everything. should be compackter...ha ha i have had some also. cool color on your fish.
we have a pair of albinos now n had a pair of tigers that ate pinkie rats when we had way 2 many so we belive it will eat mice