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black spots on cichlids,please help
Posted by: dan ()
Date: March 06, 2007 09:36AM

i have noticed today that i have 2 cichlids with black spots,i dont know what caused it water is good,dont want to have bad info from med products,any help would be great,have hospital tank set,thanks dan

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Re: black spots on cichlids,please help
Posted by: Barb Okla ()
Date: March 06, 2007 01:00PM

YOU dont' want bad info from med products?? Humm, no one does.. using meds is a complicated deal ONLY if you just do so blindly.. OR dont' tell all when you need help.. Leaving US to say use this or that.. I have this pesk too and I have to med my tank monthly to keep them at bay.. WHAT causes them?? NO one knows, they just seem to appear on the fish, just like ich and other pesky parasites..

NOW on your fish with black spot, IT is a parsite that is incrused into a hard shell for protection.. HATE these as it takes MONTHS to get them killed out and gone from the fish.. Saying that, I use Aqua sol.. YOU can use CopperSafe.. It is a monthly med, meaning U only add it in ONCE for a month, and it is copper salts.. Copper salts is a med that ONLY can be used in a HIGH pH tank, 7.8 and UP... Any lower, it can/will drop your pH fast causing more problems.. YEA that is the down side.. SO hopfully your tank has a HIGH pH.. Snails are a goner or any other invertebrates that you have in the tank.. Scaless fish, cory cat, plecos best to remove to another tank.. RUN an air stone too. best to not have the tank temp above 80F.. (26.7c)...

I took this pic from Foster&Smith, but this is a fish with a bad case of Black-spot.. Sometimes they form lines as they breed and reconnect.. as they do breed, this is when the meds wil kill them out.. FYI.. It is under my pic of midas.. "Attachment"..

for more info on meds, see here:

It is more than a container with fish!!

My site: Great information for your fish keeping:


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