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Cic's bouncing off rocks sideways
Posted by: Greg ()
Date: April 25, 2000 12:43AM

Can anyone tell me what it means when the fishes skim across a rock on their side?

Also, can anyone tell me why this pattern exists:
2 days large male zebra swims eratically in an "s" shape looking very uncomfortable. He stops and Cobult Blue starts for one day.
He stops and Female Zebra almost dies....floating on nose and back, tail fin chewed off, but recovered very well and seems back to normal except for redness in gills.
Then Electric yellow starts swimming weird in "S" shape why standing in one place.
The Male peacock seems to be hanging at the top facing back...almost on side. Turned off lights and peacock comes to life.

Very weired stuff going on.

Tank is 1 month running
Ammonio = 0
Nitrite = 2ppm
Ph = 8.0
Water is clean.
45 Gal with fast flow Fluval 304
Air curtian all across back
Sponge filter from established tank
Added freshwater salts at 1 tbl per 5 gal
Have added conditioners as necc with three partial water changes
Have added Cycle
Have added waste control
Seem to have followed book word for word.....

Thanx for any help

Why would these things be happening if water is stable? )except for Nitrite, but it's still cycling.

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RE: Cic's bouncing off rocks sideways
Posted by: Sheri ()
Date: April 25, 2000 02:38AM

The reason for your trend may be that your tank hasn't tested out yet. Our 30 gal tank took almost 4 weeks to test out. We used tetras and gouramies to get the cycle going because they are cheap and hardy. Cichlids are sensitive. Until your nitrites are completely gone you could lose fish or seriously stress them out. There's not much you can do at this point as you already have your cichlids in there, but the good news is that nitrites drop really fast once they've peaked. I hope that your level is on it's way down. Good luck.

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RE: Cic's bouncing off rocks sideways
Posted by: Greg ()
Date: April 25, 2000 09:40PM

Thanx for your input but not sure where you ever heard that Cichlids are sensitive. They are the most hardy freshwater fish and can withstand just about anything....that's why I was so concerned about the odd behavior because it is out of the norm for Cichlids.

Again thanx for your input

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RE: Cic's bouncing off rocks sideways
Posted by: jeff ()
Date: April 26, 2000 12:44PM

Hard to say that the water is stable if it is still cycling. I would guess that there is plenty of gill irritation going on. If the tank were cycled, I'd look at infections or parasites. My experience is that shimmying, scraping, and bouncing can sometimes be due to gill problems. Whatever it is, unless you can see parasites there is nothing to do until the tank cycles. I would not add antibiotics at this stage due to the fragility of the cycling beneficial bacteria. Also, don't discount the possibility of contaminants in the water that we normally have no way to treat or detect.

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Re: RE: Cic's bouncing off rocks sideways
Posted by: Justin ()
Date: July 20, 2008 05:35PM

It has been my experience that cichlids are tanks of the fish world. Takes licking and keeps on ticking. My wife and i have a 55 gallon tank and about 12 cichlids in it so far. They all have been through 2 cycles and not 1 fish dead. We also have had some scraping and shimming. I asked pro on these fish and he said it could be that they want a water change (about 10 to 20%) clear film on their gills, or parasites. So i could be a wide range of things. so just keep a close eye and good luck

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Re: Cic's bouncing off rocks sideways
Posted by: harvick29fan ()
Date: July 25, 2008 06:38PM

africans are not indestructible . if your nitrates , nitrites , are out of whack from an improperly cyled tank the CAN die . be the equivalent to use swimming ing the local water treatment plant . sound fun? sounds like its time for a water change . and even though my tank has been up and running mine scrap sides too. i believe its a way of loosening algae of my rocks .

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Re: Cic's bouncing off rocks sideways
Posted by: BUIDOI ()
Date: July 25, 2008 07:51PM

I too find the scratching going on at times. I have always believed it to be just that - scratching, or tying to straighten a scale that is irritated.
As far as CYCLING is concerned, I always keep a bottle of STABILITY in my fish-meds-box. If you have the vaguest concern for nitrates, STABILITY will safely dose the tank with bacteria, to get the nitrates down fast. It just can't hurt !
I too am of the impression that Cichlids are one of the more resilient of fish.
That's is why I have changed over to them.

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Re: Cic's bouncing off rocks sideways
Posted by: comics ()
Date: August 04, 2008 03:50PM

My one big chiclid has recently started doing this, i moved him from his 20 gallon tank into a 30 gallon and added 3 other chiclids with him. All has been fine for those 3 weeks untill now. I lost one of the new ones (stayed near the top of the water, and kinda float sideways but once it knew it was feeding time it acted normal) Now my big african chiclid (5-6 inches long, zebra) is doing this rock scraping thing and S shaped fast swimming. Ive never seen him do this before. The other 2 chiclids and the synadontis (catfish) are normal. The big one sben bumping into the heater and rocks and other stuff i have in the tank. He does have a ripped tail fin and his side fins near the body are slightly red sometimes then normal others. (where our armpits would be) from what i can see his mouth and gills appear to be normal but has a slightly faster breathing rate.

What should i do? Should i try some of that stability (would petco/petsmart carry this?) in the tanks water? Would this affect the smaller fish?

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Re: Cic's bouncing off rocks sideways(small update)
Posted by: comics ()
Date: August 04, 2008 05:31PM

well i think part of the problem was they somehow caused the airhose going to the bubble thing at the bottom of the tank to kink thus allowing little to no air to be bubbiling in the tank. ive had it unkinked for a few hours now and it seems to help(helped the smaller ones that i looked closer earlier and were breatheing deeper) but the big ones fins are still red. He has come out of his "cave" and is now normally positioned(not tilting or leaning) about mid tank in the open water. Still every now and then "spazes" and shakes for a second. Did the possible low oxygen levels in the tank cause him to belive his gills were getting a film on them like others have mentioned?

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