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Albino Tiger Oscar is suffering major fin damage, need advice
Posted by: KingGabe ()
Date: June 08, 2010 12:25AM

Ok so I have a relatively new 29 gallon tank of small cichlids which the fish have been in for about a week. There are four cichlids all of which are about 3" long. I have a Green Terror, Jack Dempsey, Tiger Oscar, and Albino Tiger Oscar. Last night I went to bed and all of the fish were fine and had whole fins. I turned on the light this afternoon and immediately noticed that my Albino Tiger Oscar had chunks missing out of its dorsal and tail fins. The fish has also had black around the edges of all of its fins, since I am a new cichlid owner, I am not sure whether this is normal to young Albino TO's or not.
I am pretty sure that either or both the Jack Dempsey (smallest of the group) and the Green Terror (largest of the group) are the ones beating up on it. The Black Tiger Oscar seems to be the most lax of the bunch and will usually pair with the Albino and sometimes defend it. All the while the Jack Dempsey and Green Terror are rivals with each other.
I had the tank temperature at 80~81 degrees fahrenheit, with a pH of about 7.8-8.0 and Ammonia levels at about 0.03 this morning. The Ammonia level jumped a bit from yesterday so I added some StressZYME earlier today to boost the active bacteria culture in my tank to combat the risen Ammonia levels which could possible stress the fish. I also lowered the heater hoping to bring down the temperature to about 78 degrees Fahrenheit to aid in calming the fish. I feed them 3 times daily with meals 1 and 3 of cichlid pellets and meal number 2 is freeze dried spirulina brine shrimp. I also added a little bit of StressCOAT to help the Albino Tiger Oscar's damaged fins.
This is all I know of what I can do at the moment and yet I don't feel reassurred that I am doing all that I can to ensure happiness in my Aquarium. I do not know if I should separate any of the fish and as to which one/ones I should separate. I would love to wake up in the morning and see no new injuries on any of my little cichlids so any and all advice/insight is greatly appreciated.

Here are some links of before and after pictures of my Albino Tiger Oscar (apologies for the distortion, as I am sure many of you all know, it is difficult to capture a decent picture of these little guys)
before damage

after damage


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Re: Albino Tiger Oscar is suffering major fin damage, need advice
Posted by: CICH420LID ()
Date: June 08, 2010 03:04PM

Your tank is too small for those fish. They are all going to grow to 10-12 inches plus. Even though they're small they still need their space and they will establish a territory if given the opportunity. Keep the temp from 76-78 and try if possible to get a larger tank( like around 90 to 120 gals.) which is borderline ok to house 2 oscars a jd and a gt. I kno it's kind of a big change but If u really want to keep these 3 species together without major problems the upgrade is deff necessary plus you van get a few more species of fish to keep with them in a community setting.

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Re: Albino Tiger Oscar is suffering major fin damage, need advice
Posted by: Barb Okla ()
Date: June 08, 2010 04:56PM

DID U cycle the tank BEFORE U added in the fish??

TEMP IS WAY TO HIGH! keep it at 76 to 78F as stated.. lower is best. they won't freeze..

ONLY FEED ONCE A DAY!! U can kill them in a new tank feeding them that much! Ammonia from waste from to much food!! NEVER follow food directions, that is for guppies!

HIGH ammonia DO 5 gal water change!! ASAP!!

Your bio aditive is not going to help with high ammonia..


U need to remove the Oscars, YES both of them to another tank. DON"T HAVE ONE?? then take the others back to the fish store and get your money back or credit for later when U get a bigger tank.. (they wil NOT take the hurt oscar back!)
KNOW thou, that in 3 mons time, they will out grow that tank! so U best save for a bigger tank now.. Oscars like to cruse, so a longer tank 5'+ is better than the width..

While U are their, get some melafix and use it on the tank for 7 days.. This wil keep him from getting infections in the fins and help them grow back..
ONCE they start to attack, they wil continue until he is dead..

IF U keep them all in this tank, some are going to die. Seems the oscars are the target. they dont' protect them selves well with JD and GT..

It is more than a container with fish!!

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Re: Albino Tiger Oscar is suffering major fin damage, need advice
Posted by: KingGabe ()
Date: June 08, 2010 11:52PM

I got some MelaFix earlier today and treated the water with it and am looking into getting a bigger tank but today no new injuries were on any of the fish glad to say.
Thanks for the responses

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Re: Albino Tiger Oscar is suffering major fin damage, need advice
Posted by: KingGabe ()
Date: June 14, 2010 03:40PM

Well for anyone that might be wondering, by Albino Tiger Oscar was separated into a 15 gallon "healing tank" all by himself so and is doing peachy! I have been adding Melafix in daily for 5 days now and there is significant improvement in its physical damage and its fins are noticeably growing back.

As for the other three fish in the 29 gallon tank, they're doing fine and no problems with them. I did get a larger 55 gallon tank and am currently preparing it for the cichlids. Ideally I would want a 75+ gallon tank but this tank was given to me for free by my uncle...and tanks are expensive.

I had put some melafix in the 29 gallon tank as well because the GT and Tiger Oscar had a bit of damage and since then my water has been a bit cloudy. I have been putting Accu-Clear but no clearness. I have done a 20% water change and gravel vac'd. Does the Melafix cause this cloudiness, any advice as to how to clear this?



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