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Opinions on most colorful Dwarf Cichlid varieties, please?
Posted by: daddySEAL ()
Date: March 26, 2008 03:18PM

I've pretty well given up on my 55g tank housing only 2 or 3 full sized aggresive cichlids....and want LOTs of various colors with more fish.

So, I've decided on making it a "Dwarf Tank" with a few colorful Rams (like a couple German Blue and 2 Bolivians)and also 6 or 7 other Dwarf cichlids.

What other varieties of dwarfs cichlids do you all think are the MOST colorful, please?

55g glass tank with 2 Marineland Emperor 400 Dual Bio-Wheel filters running similtaniously.

Lots of plant cover, tunnels, limestone rocks, shells, gravel.

Tank set up and cycled for a month with 3 Bala Sharks from my 55g "community tank".
Check water quality weekly(do partial water changes when Nitrates rise).

Never any medications used, or needed.
(It had been my "peaceful community" fish tank for 2 yrs previously to new intended conversion to cichlids presently)

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