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Cross breeding cichlids.
Posted by: Mike Coleman ()
Date: October 12, 2007 10:11AM

I have recently noticed that my Convict has fry. Much to my concern as there are no male convicts in the tank. I have noticed that the large Texas cichlid is now hovering above the Convict and her fry as though he is protecting them. Is it common for cichlids to cross breed? Is this going to abnormally affect anything in my community tank? I plan to remove some of the fry next week to ut them in a nursery. I am very interested to see what they look loike mature. thanks for any input.......Michael

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Re: Cross breeding cichlids.
Posted by: Leah ()
Date: October 23, 2007 02:42PM

I used to have convicts and fire mouths in the same tank and they cross-bred. I noticed the fire mouth acting very protective of a particular rock and the convict was hovering above, attacking any other fish that came near. I couldn't figure out what was going on until I noticed hundreds of little eggs attached to the rock. I didn't realize that two different species of cichlids would mate, especially in a tank with many other somewhat more aggressive fish present. Unfortunately none of the eggs ever got a chance to hatch, even though the happy little couple tried twice. I have heard that cross-breeding can be harmful...not sure to who or why...maybe the babies end up deformed or something.

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Re: Cross breeding cichlids.
Posted by: ghostface ()
Date: October 23, 2007 03:08PM

Flush 'em!

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Re: Cross breeding cichlids.
Posted by: deputycorps ()
Date: October 24, 2007 06:36AM

Well cross breeding happens 90-95% in small controlled areas (Fish tanks) than in the wild. THere are a lot of the same breed in the wild vs. in our home tanks, However cross breeding is not always bad in some cases. This is one way now now things come about other than evolution and in some cases this would be evolution if they were not distrubed and in the wild.
When cross breeding there could be many bad things. Most cases it is bad because breeds that are not suppose to be crossed are crossed. There is come kind of fish that is man made (so i was told) that is a south american cichlid in the store. I did some research on it (like i always do when someone tells me somthing) and found out that they are the shortest lived of all the South American Cichlids and thier aggressive cannot be determine as some are semi, non aggressive, to very aggressive. (Dang forgot the name of the fish, some redish fish).
Other problems are the atmosphere of each fish. Convicts are highly adaptable is to its surrounding and changes of water(s) conditions were as Discus (as an example) are not or other fish are not. So crossbreed these two ( which will NEVER happen) what will became of the off spring. Just too many unknow variables. I have crossbreed Rainbow cichlid with Convicts. More by accident than on purpose. I researched to see if these two can co-exsists in a tank later hoping to add more if these two can get along. So happen they did and ended up with babies before i could add any other fish to the tank. (in 2 weeks). These is my problem these hybrids are Verry Aggressive! Look just like a convict but with more defined colors and a HUGE aggressivness to them. They have killed 1 red devil, 2 Jacks Demps, 2 Tiger Oscars, 1 algae eater, 1 and one snail. They all were in a 135 Gallon. I contacted (by email) an marine Biologist who gave me an email of Aquatic biologist. They gave me an 23 page email (more like a book) about hybrids on my two fish. It was "one of the better choices" however did you know some are illegal to crossbreed some fish?!
Good luck

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Re: Cross breeding cichlids.
Posted by: Nita Williams ()
Date: March 25, 2008 03:13PM

I have recently noticed that my salvini cichlids has fry. Much to my concern is how this happened. In my 45 gallon tank I have one male Convict and one carpinte. Is it common for cichlids to cross breed? Is this going to abnormally affect anything in my tank?

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