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African Clawed Frogs
Posted by: clap5 ()
Date: September 29, 2006 08:43AM

Has anyone had any success keeping a African Clawed frog with cichlids? I had a small one for a few weeks that just hid at the top all the time and didn't eat. I sent him back. I bought a bigger one and he didn't do that bad compaired to some other cichlids i've had. He eventually got his fingers chewed off then put off to a fish bowl. One time I had to throw him back in the with Cichlids because his bowl needed cleaning. Then i vaccumed the cichlid tank with him in it. Some fish waist was being picked up and he came swimming towards it and kept eating and eating it. Finally about 3-5mins later he was completely frozen solid with his mouth wide open. I assume he got poisoned from the fish waste. Anyways...
Has anyone had a complete success?

I'm thinking of going for a 3rd try.

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Re: African Clawed Frogs
Posted by: shad10 ()
Date: September 29, 2006 10:45AM

I wouldn't try it. It would probably get killed or eaten.

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Re: African Clawed Frogs
Posted by: Chuck ()
Date: September 30, 2006 03:34AM

I have 2 of these frogs in with cichlids but the cichlids are smaller ones in the tanks with the frogs. My larger cichlids would have a frog snack for sure.


Tanks: 150 gallon

1 9" Bala Shark
1 5" Green Terror
1 8.5" Jack Dempsey
1 6.5" Senegal Bichir
1 13" Rope Fish
1 3" Yellow Convict
1 3" SAE
2 5.5" Pictus Catfish
1 9" Chocolate Cichlid
1 1.5" Green Tiger Barb
1 4.5" Rainbow Shark
2 5" Angel Fish
1 2" Jewel (feisty sucker)

55 gallon

4 2.5" SAE's
1 4" Discus
1 3.5" Discus
1 2" Discus
1 6" Zigzag Eel
1 6" Black Ghost Knife
1 2.5" Bolivian Ram
1 2.5" Rubber Lip Pleco
1 2.5" Long Fin Bristle Nose Pleco
1 2.5" Fire Mouth
1 1.5" German Ram

30 gallon

1 6" Angel Fish
1 4" Kuhli Loach
2 2" Paradise Fish
1 6" Zigzag Eel (great fish lots of personality)
1 1.5" Honduran Red Point Cichlid
2 1.5" SAE's
1 1" Clown Loach
1 1" Rubber Lip Pleco

5.5 Gallon Quarantine

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Re: African Clawed Frogs
Posted by: BrianW ()
Date: October 03, 2006 07:34PM

If the frogs are Xenopus, the are not really compatable with fish as the can reach a considerable size and would find small fish quite a tasty treat, if kept with fish much larger e.g. large cichlids they would A: loose out in the food stakes or would finish up as food themselves
I keep one myself but not with fish
The much smaller Congo frogs can be kept with small fish but will only eat live food or frozen blood worm and you must make sure they get their share, I keep 4 with small fish such as dwalf cichlids and small tetras
Hope that helps.


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