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Posted by: Pluff ()
Date: March 03, 2001 10:30AM

Hello, i was wondering if anyone has ever herd of a African Cichlid called a BLUE ICE?i just bought 2 of them and thats what the LFS was calling tthem? if anyone knows about them could they tell me what the latin name is for them?


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Posted by: paulo ()
Date: September 18, 2006 09:55AM

here in the philippines we have this cichlid called ice blue and its not even blue,its jus plain icy white with red eyes,what do you think it is?

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Posted by: shad10 ()
Date: September 18, 2006 10:44AM

Maybe it is an ice blue zebra. Could you post a pic?

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Posted by: kris ()
Date: September 18, 2006 02:32PM

old post,

description sounds like a snowy white socolofi (the one with red eyes)

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