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Oscar Behavior
Posted by: scott ()
Date: February 06, 2000 12:18AM

My nephew has an Oscar that is about 10 inches long. He has had it for about a year. He keeps it alone in a 50 gallon aquarium. Lately his Oscar has been acting strangely. It only stays on the left side of the tank near the bubbler and will even fight off the feeder fish that come near. It will kill the feeders if they get close but has stopped eating them. If someone gets too close to the tank on that side, his Oscar will rush over with its mouth open and attack the glass. Does anyone know why it is behaving this way? Thanks for any information you can give.

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RE: Oscar Behavior
Posted by: SD ()
Date: February 06, 2000 12:17PM

your fish may be suffering from long term depression. for a fish, oscars are fairly effectionate,a bair tank is not a natural ecosystem for the fish. try interducing live plants to the tank, if he responds well intoduce another oscar to the takn the same size, breed anf oposite sex

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RE: Oscar Behavior
Posted by: D C ()
Date: February 06, 2000 04:32PM

I think that he has established his territory. Strange that he would just attack feeders without eating them, though. I had a tiger oscar that would flare out a lot, even attack my hand while vacuuming the gravel. Each oscar is different. Not sure if I'd introduce a second oscar, since sexing is not as easy as other cichlids.

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Re: Oscar Behavior
Posted by: henry brooks ()
Date: September 17, 2008 10:59AM

hello... my oscars are acting very strange lately they are not eating as usual they keep darting out as if some one or something was going to attack them. i don,t know what is going on. they are large about 6-7 in one tiger and one albino. the tank is very clean the temp is good please can someone give me some answer,s??????????????

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Re: Oscar Behavior
Posted by: Barb Okla ()
Date: September 17, 2008 11:23AM

Do U have others in the home that might be scaring them while U are not at home?? Children running infront of the tank can cause this.. they do not like fast movements..

A dog jumping on the tank.. Cats too can climb and sit on the tank and watch them from above.. Scaring them to dart and hide more..

Eating goes with the above if they are being scared while U are not home..

Oscars do go through times that they do not eat.. Mine went weeks before he decided to eat again.. They all do this.

Turning on the light while they are sleeping can startle them.. Best to turn on the lights in the room so they can see U moving around and are watching U.. then turn on their lights..
Fish do not have eye lids so their eyes are always open.. Dark to light to fast movement catches their attention and if too sudden, can startle them to behave like this..

Once my fish are awake, which is as soon as the tankroom/living room gets light from the windows, I turn the lights on and leave them on till 9 or 10pm or bed time..

Loud noises can vibrate through the glass.. Your sterio to TV to loud can affect them over time..

But darting and hiding more is another problem all together.. U need to find out what is going on while U are not home or correct any of the above..

Find the cause and try to prevent it from happening..

It is more than a container with fish!!

My site: Great information for your fish keeping:


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Re: Oscar Behavior
Posted by: sword_fish ()
Date: October 20, 2008 09:26PM


i have oscars before and kept it about two years.
by nature, they are teritorials specially when they are in breeding stage.
nothing to worry about it dude, it's their normal behavebiour.

stay away from feeders and find some good meal brands, sticks/granules perhaps.
i suspected that my "late" oscars got the desease with those feeders.

hope that helps..smiling smiley

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