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sexing severums
Posted by: Arthur ()
Date: September 05, 2000 10:58PM

I have 4 severums almost a year old and about the size of a man's palm. Three of the fishes are green and one gold. There has been no indication of pairing off to breed and I'm wondering do have all the same sex fish? How can I tell the difference? I'm a novice at cichlid raising.

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RE: sexing severums
Posted by: Noel ()
Date: September 27, 2000 03:15AM


They should be pairing up at this age. Are they by themselves? If not they need somewhere quite without other fish butting in at their bussiness. If you have a gold one with greens its alright. If the gold breeds with one of the greens you'll end up with mixed gold/green babies. The best way of sexing is by looking at their dorsal fin(top fin) If you see a long stringy extension on the trailing end of the fin it will be a male if it is short without the extension it will be a female. The female should be a little darker the the male if she is in breeding pairing bond.
Good luck.


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RE: sexing severums
Posted by: Arthur ()
Date: December 16, 2000 05:21PM

Hi Noel,

Thank you for your info and I did as you advised. My green male and gold female have between 100 to 150 babies. They are a week and three days old and I'm concerned about how to feed them. The parents are raising them. I tried today giving them some boiled eggyolk strained through a handerchief and that was disastrous. I would appreciate some advice from you or direct me to a source.



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