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How to care for severum eggs
Posted by: Anna ()
Date: August 30, 2000 07:53PM

Our two gold severums just laid eggs in our 45 gallon community tank. I plan to either remove the other tank inhabitants (angels, tetras, neon rainbows) or place the driftwood with eggs and the Severum into a new 20 gallon. I have had much luck finding info about raising Severum fry. Can anyone tell me how long before the eggs hatch? Will the Severum pair care for their fry like my breeding Angel pair did? Any ideas on how to successfully raise the fry and keep this breeding pair of Severums happy would be appreciated!

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RE: How to care for severum eggs
Posted by: Noel ()
Date: September 27, 2000 04:39AM

The best way is to remove other tank mates and leave them do their thing in peace, however first time parents sometimes have'nt developed full maternal instincts thus poor fry rearing. Usally the 2nd time around should be an improvement if the 1st was not sucessful.
Eggs take about 10 or more days to hatch and will be free swimming in around 7days. Once egg yoke of the fry have gone, feed the young with powdered baby food for fish or feed with cultured micro-worms, they will eat this for the next 2 weeks then when alittle bigger feed with finely crushed flake. Don't over feed as this will foul the water. Before anything else keep an eye on the parents if you think that they are feasting on their young remove them to a sperate tank. NOTE do not remove un hatched eggs out of water as they will not hatch!


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Which eggs are good- white or clear?
Posted by: Bridgette ()
Date: August 20, 2007 10:43PM

I have 7 fish in my 55 gallon tank, including the parent severums. Two days ago, they had a batch of eggs. I was just wondering which eggs were good considering that this is the first time that I have had severums who mated. Please email me back to tell me what is the best way for the batch to survive.

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