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Keyhole Cichlid
Posted by: Aynsley ()
Date: July 21, 2004 05:45PM

I have a young keyhole cichlid in my 29g tank. It is with a green terror, firemouth and a yellow acara, also young. The keyhole seems to be the dominant fish as it has the darkest color out of all of them, but it likes to hide...does anyone else have a keyhole that does this as well? It only seems to be out early in the am, or late pm, and when it is out it barely swims...kind of stays in one spot. Also, my cichlids arent going to the top to eat, the wait for the flakes to come down to the gravel and get it then? Is this normal?

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Re: Keyhole Cichlid
Posted by: brad_a ()
Date: July 22, 2004 11:50AM

Not to rain on your parade, but if I was a keyhole in a tank with those guys, I would hide too.

Keyholes are peaceful and should be kept with other peaceful species.

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Re: Keyhole Cichlid
Posted by: Kathy ()
Date: July 25, 2004 03:11PM

I have a keyhole cichlid. I also have a yellow lab, a firemouth, a jack dempsey, a jaquar,a chocolate south american cichlid, a yellow-tailed acei, a powder blue, and a red zebra...
All my cichlids get along great.
But all cichlids have their own personalities.
Your keyhole might be afraid. Check to make sure he is not getting punked on and make sure that he eats. If he doesnt eat or he is getting pubked on then I would move him to another tank before he streese out and dies.
Good luck! I hope everything turns out fine

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Re: Keyhole Cichlid
Posted by: Hop ()
Date: April 03, 2007 02:19PM

First off Green terrors and Firemouths are too rough to be kept with keyholes.
This may work for a short time period, but eventually the terror will become the dominant fish followed by the firemouth. Keyholes do much better with peaceful fish. If you must keep other cichlids with them try jurapari,angels,and
apistogrammas. They really are a shy fish but become much less so
if kept in pairs. In reply to your question about one of your cichlids not eating from the top, this is perfectly fine and depends alot on the individual.
Most cichlids like a meaty diet so be sure to give them freeze dried treats or frozen foods several times a week. Earthworms are a good live food for most cichlids and can be used to bring fish into tip top condition. Good luck!

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