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memo's world
memo's world
memo's world
posted by: anonymous

Sep 28th, 2003
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(anonymous) » posted 2003/10/06 12:39 am  
I can see your convict but what are the red fish, to my mind they look like goldfish
(anonymous) » posted 2003/11/05 10:21 pm  
dude get ur gold fish out...convict will have a snack if u dont...
(anonymous) » posted 2003/12/15 07:52 pm  
those red fish are cichlids also. they are called blood parrots.
(anonymous) » posted 2004/08/30 11:03 am  
omg lol I,m a fish amatuer and I can tell those a blood parrots what an insult callin those beautiful parrots gold fish rof dont talk unless you know what you are talkin about nice tank mango !!!!
(anonymous) » posted 2004/09/24 06:42 am  
i have 4 blood parrot they are juv. 1 of them has turned orange ,more of a yellow orange rather than goldfish orange the rest are ugly bland and splotchy ...will all b.parrots turn a solid color?...nice tank with or without the ghost...
(anonymous) » posted 2005/01/25 04:40 pm  
Nice tilpia And nice parrots but round Tank Not so good for cichlids to be honest but why have you got a gourami in there?
(anonymous) » posted 2005/02/17 09:29 pm  
5 blood parrots(hybrids)
1 gourami
1 convict
1 unknown blurry fish on the left under the 2 bloods
(anonymous) » posted 2005/03/16 02:07 am  
a lot of u dont know what you are talking about the orange fish are blood parrots and the the striped fish is not a talapia but is indeed a convict
(anonymous) » posted 2005/05/01 09:21 am  
mkirk08 is very wrong. I am only 13 years old and I know the on the bottom of the parrots is not a convict. it is BUTTIKOFERI
(anonymous) » posted 2005/07/03 04:12 am  
nice blood red parrot cichlids they cost like $70ea at my lfs i wonted some:P
(anonymous) » posted 2005/07/03 04:13 am  
lol lov da person behinde da tank aswell i might buy 1 for my tank lol
(anonymous) » posted 2005/07/10 11:48 pm  
I have a buttikoferri it is about 5in it is small compared to my 16in one but it died when i was 8 yrs old. I can get blood parrots for $10 for 1-2inch and $50 for a 7inch.

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Tang O'

55 gallon for two destructive fish???
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Yes, soon we will be nice and hot.
Devin Gullett

Well i guess im midwest actually. Lol
Devin Gullett

Northwest as well!! Except it got like 30 degrees F randomly the last coupl
Devin Gullett

Ya they have some greenish blue color on the tips
bip_ 4u

Looks good.
bip_ 4u