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american community
posted by: Dan Noon

Dec 10th, 2010
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Johnny B » posted 2010/12/10 10:44 am
Great Looking tank!! And wow that clown loach is huge, or is it just the angle =)
John Young » posted 2010/12/10 11:33 am
Dan Noon (m) » posted 2010/12/10 11:43 am  
thanks. the loach is 7-8 inches
phil milner » posted 2010/12/10 11:55 am
Gasper Pantaleo » posted 2010/12/10 12:23 pm
Andy walls » posted 2010/12/10 12:43 pm
c r » posted 2010/12/10 01:10 pm
Sweet tank!
Andrew Banks » posted 2010/12/10 01:32 pm
Nice Job
Vince Cooper (m) » posted 2010/12/10 02:15 pm
I agree !
brian cochran » posted 2010/12/10 03:02 pm
Looks GREAT..... as always Dan....
Josh L » posted 2010/12/10 03:12 pm
nice setup
kevin wain » posted 2010/12/10 04:46 pm
mick shield » posted 2010/12/10 04:51 pm
great tank.......
are you still planning the big african cichlid tank Dan?
Roger Hopper (m) » posted 2010/12/10 04:54 pm
Roger Hopper (m) » posted 2010/12/10 05:17 pm
Great tank Dan..
manuel nunes » posted 2010/12/10 05:39 pm
Todd Robinson » posted 2010/12/10 06:23 pm
leo chretien » posted 2010/12/10 06:43 pm
Daniel Louis » posted 2010/12/10 08:43 pm
Very impressive-Great use of wood without cramping the tank-very well thought out tank. Dan L
Chris Walker » posted 2010/12/10 09:21 pm
great Dan!
Scott Mayes » posted 2010/12/11 12:05 am
Very nice tank and fish!!!!
Justin Deans » posted 2010/12/11 01:14 am
bip_ 4u (m) » posted 2010/12/11 04:38 am
Jackie Harms » posted 2010/12/11 12:23 pm
great as always Dan!
s castle » posted 2010/12/11 12:43 pm
Dan Noon (m) » posted 2010/12/11 03:43 pm  
thanks everyone. Mick, yes i am but not till spring. doing the research now tho
kyle jackson » posted 2010/12/13 06:14 pm
s m » posted 2010/12/14 10:43 pm
Stunning as ALWAYS!

Your tanks have and still are my favorites on the site. :)

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