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Tank examples: Gus Tanganika tank
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Gus Tanganika tank

by Gustavo Alzaga from Guadalajara / MEX


  • Category: Lake Tanganyika
  • Tank size: 0x12x19 inches = 0 gallons
  • Tank size: 1x31x50 cm = 1.55 liters

    Two frotosas, 1 leleupi,1 Neolamprogus brichardi, 1 Julidochromis transcrptus,1 Neolamprogus leleupi, 1 tropheus red moliro, 1 tropheus red fenix, 2 Sciaenochromis fryeri.


  • Gravel: river gravel
  • Plants: Artificials

    reed stones


  • Light: white
  • Light-Duration: 8 hours
  • Filtration: 2 AquaClears 50 Power Filter

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Jose Garcia » posted 2011/11/08 12:31 am
rich hewitt » posted 2011/11/21 09:29 pm

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Todd Phillips

definitely a hybrid, but he's showing good color and looks healthy. Lets ju
bip_ 4u

Welcome to the site.
bip_ 4u

I like the look of your tank. You might want to consider moving the geo to
Rusty Short

Nice colors but agree with Vince. Hybrid.
Paul Siu

Thks for the comment, but interestingly, both sevs are doing great together
Paul Siu

about 5-6 inches now ...
fourdell kidson

okie dokie bip. yes all is well with me< i have messaged you a few times bu