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Tank examples: Gus Tanganika tank
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Gus Tanganika tank

by Gustavo Alzaga from Guadalajara / MEX


  • Category: Lake Tanganyika
  • Tank size: 0x12x19 inches = 0 gallons
  • Tank size: 1x31x50 cm = 1.55 liters

    Two frotosas, 1 leleupi,1 Neolamprogus brichardi, 1 Julidochromis transcrptus,1 Neolamprogus leleupi, 1 tropheus red moliro, 1 tropheus red fenix, 2 Sciaenochromis fryeri.


  • Gravel: river gravel
  • Plants: Artificials

    reed stones


  • Light: white
  • Light-Duration: 8 hours
  • Filtration: 2 AquaClears 50 Power Filter

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Jose Garcia » posted 2011/11/08 12:31 am
rich hewitt » posted 2011/11/21 09:29 pm

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Kingston Wong

Now which one do I rate? LOL.
Kingston Wong

I like your new set up. Nice 75gal.
Curt Manary

nice, Curtis I don't think there is a backside
Curtis Kurokawa

Love these babies....should spray or cover your back glass, it would help w
Curtis Kurokawa

Wow, nice... Sounds like your not quite done yet though....
Kevin Esko

Check out the upgrade
Curtis Kurokawa

Sorry Manu my I-pad spelling check has its own mind...but you and Vince are