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Tank examples
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Bill's New Cichlid Tank
by Bill Siggelkow

Size: 39 gallons
Last Update: Jun 14th, 2016

Man Cave Tank
by Adam Martin

Size: 0 gallons
Lake Tanganyika
Last Update: May 27th, 2016

Wet dream ;P
by Randy Schmidt

Size: 108 gallons
Lake Malawi
Last Update: May 22nd, 2016

Mbuna paradise
by john pamintuan

Size: 52 gallons
Lake Malawi
Last Update: Apr 16th, 2016

New 29gal
by James Kane

Size: 0 gallons
Last Update: Mar 31st, 2016

Tank cleared up...Gotta love running three filters
by matthew franco

Size: 0 gallons
Lake Tanganyika
Last Update: Mar 25th, 2016

Page 1 of 634
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curtis kurokawa

To lower aggression you need to have a large tank enough fo have quite a bi
Pedro Garcia

It's very aggressive. How can lower aggressive?
Crystall Mitchum

Leigh Partridge

A lot of American cichlids will mate for life. You'll have to hold annivers
Leigh Partridge

Oops yes it's the electric blues that are $35 here.
curtis kurokawa

Yipes, I got mines for ten a piece and thought I was a good price.. It's th
curtis kurokawa

Using this product sold at my pet distributor as some sort of pelleted fert