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top predator (bad photo)
top predator              (bad photo)
top predator (bad photo)
Crenicichla strigata
posted by: craig g

Apr 16th, 2007
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Nathan Sederholm » posted 2007/04/16 04:05 pm
That's a nice color on the fins.
John Young » posted 2007/04/16 05:01 pm
Alex Odesit » posted 2007/04/16 05:50 pm
Top fish, love pikes. I had Lepidota (Spangled pike).
craig g » posted 2007/04/16 05:55 pm  
spangled pikes are nice ,not seen them in my lfs before
Alex Odesit » posted 2007/04/16 06:10 pm  
they are most common pike here in NorthEast USA (NY/NJ)
dennis doyle » posted 2007/04/16 06:32 pm
BEAUTIFUL fish whats its common name i know its a pike but dont know what kind

craig g » posted 2007/04/16 06:50 pm
ive only seen them as crenicichla strigat a but mainly orange pike when juvenile and xingu pike when adult (after changing colour)
Marc Ryan » posted 2007/04/16 08:17 pm
karrie edwards » posted 2007/04/16 09:38 pm
joshua weeks » posted 2007/04/17 02:50 am
THE chuck » posted 2007/04/17 11:00 am
matty c » posted 2007/04/19 05:15 pm
Alex F. » posted 2007/05/11 07:12 pm
How big do these guys get and how much do they go for
craig g » posted 2007/05/11 07:18 pm
in very large aquariums and the wild 18inches + .ive had her 3 years and shes 11 inches maybe more feeders and bigger tank she might get bigger
Rhea H » posted 2007/05/11 07:27 pm

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Neat. How big will he get?
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thanks for posting this, I have been considering this set up for a while