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any ideas on what sex ?
any ideas on what sex ?
any ideas on what sex ?
Crenicichla strigata
posted by: matty c

May 12th, 2007
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Alex Odesit » posted 2007/04/21 01:34 pm  
be careful with pike and ram.
pike can easy damage him permanently.
matty c » posted 2007/04/21 01:35 pm  
the pike is only in there for a few weeks until my 6 foot is set up
Alex Odesit » posted 2007/04/21 01:36 pm
ok, both are very cool fish
THE chuck » posted 2007/04/21 02:44 pm
Piscatorial Pastime » posted 2007/04/21 06:38 pm
Martin Verduzco » posted 2007/04/21 10:41 pm
kyle jackson » posted 2007/04/21 10:52 pm
Lina Lee » posted 2007/04/22 12:40 am
Anthony Luu » posted 2007/04/22 12:56 am
A strigata. Look exactly like mine when young.
Jeff Huebner » posted 2007/04/22 12:58 am
Chris Shirrel » posted 2007/05/08 04:42 pm
charlie charlie » posted 2007/05/08 05:38 pm
Rhea H » posted 2007/05/08 05:57 pm
THE chuck » posted 2007/05/08 06:40 pm
well fed pike!!!
craig g » posted 2007/05/09 02:54 am
John Buddahan » posted 2007/05/12 12:58 pm
i wanna say it is a male.
karrie edwards » posted 2007/05/13 01:37 am
matty c » posted 2007/05/14 04:03 pm  
cheers john
Frank Shortt » posted 2007/05/14 04:05 pm

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