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mutual respect
mutual respect
mutual respect
Hemichromis lifalili
the jewels are the only fish that Norman leaves alone.
posted by: Dan Noon

Sep 22nd, 2010
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fourdell kidson » posted 2010/09/22 10:39 am
Jay Dollentas » posted 2010/09/22 10:54 am
Tang O' (m) » posted 2010/09/22 10:58 am
Matthew Silcock » posted 2010/09/22 11:31 am
They are obviously his henchmen.
Dan Noon (m) » posted 2010/09/22 11:32 am  
lmao Matthew
Matthew Silcock » posted 2010/09/22 11:35 am
;) haha
Vince Cooper (m) » posted 2010/09/22 11:54 am
lee foster » posted 2010/09/22 12:35 pm
joshua weeks » posted 2010/09/22 01:43 pm
c r » posted 2010/09/22 01:45 pm
Josh Harms » posted 2010/09/22 02:30 pm
my JD's and Jewels are about the same size as yours and have the same behavior. They even share one side of the tank together.
Wes St. Jean » posted 2010/09/22 02:41 pm
Thats cause them jewels are mean as ole heck... lol
Josh Harms » posted 2010/09/22 02:49 pm  
lol - yes, they protect their fry very well! They aren't out to get anyone either - just to themselves until they spawn. :)
Dan Noon (m) » posted 2010/09/22 03:09 pm  
you got that right Josh altho i have 4 jewels in this tsnk and they dont really like each other's company too much. the spilurus are the same way. i havve 6 and they are constantly bickering but never bother any other fish
leo chretien » posted 2010/09/22 03:57 pm
Josh Harms » posted 2010/09/22 05:19 pm  
interesting ... I've only had the mated couple in my tank. There is never a mark on them yet they stand up to anyone (any fish!) who comes near their fry. They are great fish and add great color to my tank.
Scott Mayes » posted 2010/09/22 07:12 pm
Dirk Swanson » posted 2010/09/22 09:38 pm
ana ocnila » posted 2010/09/23 03:18 am
bip_ 4u (m) » posted 2010/09/23 03:57 am
Super pic.
william salmons » posted 2010/09/24 06:02 pm
i got 2 jewels in with my big fish and no probs but if i add any more thay get atacked or eaten
Fady El-Bahrawy » posted 2010/09/24 06:36 pm

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Latest comments:
Devin Gullett

Well i guess im midwest actually. Lol
Devin Gullett

Northwest as well!! Except it got like 30 degrees F randomly the last coupl
Devin Gullett

Ya they have some greenish blue color on the tips
bip_ 4u

Looks good.
bip_ 4u

bip_ 4u

bip_ 4u

Great color.