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jewel male
jewel male
jewel male
Hemichromis lifalili
these guys breed like rabbits. just had their 3rd brood in 6 weeks
posted by: Dan Noon

Aug 31st, 2007
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Roger Hopper (m) » posted 2007/08/31 10:02 am
Nice Dan,I could not find any this color so I got the blue ones.
Alex Odesit » posted 2007/08/31 10:05 am
I have special feeling to jewels, when I set up my old 29 gallon, they will be the first one to join, with some tetras
Dan Noon (m) » posted 2007/08/31 10:24 am
yes Alex they are really beautiful fish. the male right now has a great deal of purple but the camera wont pick it up.
Alex Odesit » posted 2007/08/31 10:33 am  
Dan, what size they are? Around 3"?
karrie edwards » posted 2007/08/31 11:24 am
Nathan Sederholm » posted 2007/08/31 12:22 pm
Dan Noon (m) » posted 2007/08/31 03:43 pm
Alex, he about 4 she is about 3
sharan knott » posted 2007/08/31 05:49 pm
Mine breed like rabbits to
anthony nguyen » posted 2007/08/31 06:05 pm
THE chuck » posted 2007/08/31 06:26 pm
charlie charlie » posted 2007/08/31 07:34 pm
Lia E » posted 2007/08/31 08:39 pm
Love these guys, but I can't get mine to breed. I have three of them, looks like 1 male and 2 females. they look really healthy and have nice breeding colors, but nothing so far. Not sure what's wrong.
kyle jackson » posted 2007/09/03 09:51 pm

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Vince Cooper

Juan P

I'm not sure if it is the photo or your water but try to put some filter fl
Juan P

Looking good.
Juan P

Dan Noon

very cool
Dan Noon

Dan Noon

very nice