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jewel female
jewel female
jewel female
Hemichromis lifalili
posted by: Dan Noon

Sep 23rd, 2010
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Visitor Comments

leo chretien » posted 2010/09/23 07:20 pm
tony henderson » posted 2010/09/23 07:29 pm
awesome color
Wes St. Jean » posted 2010/09/23 07:40 pm
Dirk Swanson » posted 2010/09/23 08:01 pm
mo beats » posted 2010/09/23 08:24 pm
Scott Mayes » posted 2010/09/23 08:41 pm
Justin Deans » posted 2010/09/23 11:23 pm
Vince Cooper (m) » posted 2010/09/23 11:24 pm
joshua weeks » posted 2010/09/24 04:06 am
fourdell kidson » posted 2010/09/24 04:51 am
bip_ 4u (m) » posted 2010/09/24 06:05 am
Gotta love that red!
Russ Fey » posted 2010/09/24 06:09 am
Ya I've got one of them too. Used to have 2 but one died.. couldn't tell ya why though..
kyle jackson » posted 2010/09/24 06:17 pm
Todd Robinson » posted 2010/09/24 06:51 pm
Jay Dollentas » posted 2010/09/24 08:11 pm
nice Dan!

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Latest comments:
Juan P

Yes, soon we will be nice and hot.
Devin Gullett

Well i guess im midwest actually. Lol
Devin Gullett

Northwest as well!! Except it got like 30 degrees F randomly the last coupl
Devin Gullett

Ya they have some greenish blue color on the tips
bip_ 4u

Looks good.
bip_ 4u

bip_ 4u