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black calvus
black calvus
black calvus
Altolamprologus calvus
black calvus
posted by: anonymous

Sep 13th, 2005
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(anonymous) » posted 2005/09/13 06:53 pm
William Dow » posted 2005/09/13 11:26 pm
(anonymous) » posted 2005/10/05 07:20 pm
i need one
James Fitzgerald » posted 2006/10/26 12:20 pm
Very nice. They have to be the best fish I have ever seen
Adam-n-Jenny Kostera » posted 2007/01/02 12:33 am
Andy walls » posted 2010/08/09 12:25 pm

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Latest comments:
antonio martina

nice what type only fish on my bucket list . I think I am going to order 2
Curtis Kurokawa

Curtis Kurokawa

Wow, thanks to you all, great advice and learned a thing or two...
Curtis Kurokawa

Wish I lived near you Vince...Hahaha...
Curtis Kurokawa

Wow a 130 gal grow out tank...Makes me drool ,,,My show tank is only 90....
Curtis Kurokawa

High quality fish,,, Nice one Vince...
Curtis Kurokawa

A receipt for disaster... Fish will start disappearing and Africans and Ame