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Sunburst Peacock
Sunburst Peacock
Sunburst Peacock
Aulonocara hybrids
posted by: Brett Brandie

Jul 17th, 2007
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Visitor Comments

Piscatorial Pastime » posted 2007/07/17 06:32 pm
michelle jimson » posted 2007/07/17 08:15 pm
i just love the colors!
karrie edwards » posted 2007/07/17 09:31 pm
sharan knott » posted 2007/07/18 01:36 am
Chris Richardson » posted 2007/07/18 07:52 am
Chris Richardson » posted 2007/07/22 08:13 pm

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Latest comments:
tim blevins

I've only got 1's been running with sand for 4 years...
Manu8__ Too

Price wasn't too unreasonable. He was recently purchased @ 5".
Curtis Kurokawa

Agree with Juan, does sound like your tank hasn't completed its cycling pro
Trever Laidlaw

He looks pretty cool. That is a neat combination
Curtis Kurokawa

Looks like he's been in some fights...Looks good though...
Curtis Kurokawa

Wow nice must have paid a pretty penny for him...How large did you buy him
Juan Fernandez

that's awesome! hope he pulls through. lots of clean water and keep the lig