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R.I.P :(
R.I.P :(
R.I.P :(
Fossorochromis rostratus
I wish I knew what happened.
Last Friday I went to fix his background at about 3:30pm. He 'wagging' his tail and swimming back and forth like he does when he thinks I'm going to feed him. At 6:30pm I went to turn on the tank lights and he was upside down. My heart sank. He was alone in the tank.... I just have nooooo freakin clue. Soooo bummed:(
posted by: bip_ 4u

Mar 30th, 2012
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Visitor Comments

Dan Noon (m) » posted 2012/03/30 09:22 pm
ah Bip, i'm so sorry. he was magnificent
francisco alvarez » posted 2012/03/30 09:38 pm
So sorry, was a beauty.
Rob Fluharty » posted 2012/03/30 09:44 pm
Sorry Bip
Jimmy Freitas » posted 2012/03/30 10:11 pm
that sucks sorry to hear :-(
Cam Gillman » posted 2012/03/30 10:22 pm
Very sorry.. He sure was nice.
Russ Thomas » posted 2012/03/30 10:53 pm
Sorry Bip
Steve Aldershof » posted 2012/03/30 11:07 pm
Set of smiles for a beauty !!! :( Sorry bip for your loss he was WONDERFUL......
Vince Cooper (m) » posted 2012/03/30 11:13 pm
sorry :(
Jay Dollentas » posted 2012/03/30 11:41 pm
wew! sorry to hear Bip he was my fav fish of yours. :(
Alexander Langer (a) » posted 2012/03/31 06:13 am
sorry for the loss, bib, he was awesome
Joey Solomon » posted 2012/03/31 11:16 am  
Wow, that sucks. So Sorry bip... :(
leo chretien » posted 2012/03/31 01:56 pm  
Sorry Bip.
josh cameron » posted 2012/03/31 02:04 pm
tony henderson » posted 2012/03/31 03:35 pm  
Sorry he was Awesome and deserves 1 last set of smilys
Jeremy B » posted 2012/04/02 06:50 am
That's too bad Bip he was a real stunner
danny boy » posted 2012/04/02 07:06 am
sorry bip he was a awesome fish
Craig Gardner » posted 2012/04/02 09:19 am
WOW he was something special!-I wonder what the heck happen??
thorn roun » posted 2012/04/17 12:54 am  
Sorry bip, everybody feels ur pain, I just hope u have his fries...
Trever Laidlaw » posted 2012/04/17 12:59 am
sorry to hear it
J B » posted 2012/04/17 01:48 am
Im sorry bip :(
Katrina Damian » posted 2012/05/05 07:56 pm  
Im sorry bip:(, this happened to me before , and it's devastating, he's beautiful but he's in a better place now:)
dustin s » posted 2012/05/09 10:57 pm  
damn buddy, that stinks. "only the good die young".
Wes St. Jean » posted 2012/05/09 11:00 pm
Sorry to hear that.
Scott Mayes » posted 2012/05/09 11:27 pm
Very sorry Bip... :(
Martin Verduzco » posted 2012/06/07 01:34 am
everybody feels ur pain. I`m very sorry Bip

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very cool
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Dan Noon

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