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Vieja fenestrata
posted by: John Townsend

Oct 13th, 2007
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Visitor Comments

John Young » posted 2007/10/13 05:59 pm
THE chuck » posted 2007/10/13 06:24 pm
that will be a gorgeous fish!nice 1
karrie edwards » posted 2007/10/13 06:52 pm
michelle jimson » posted 2007/10/13 08:07 pm
ryan peterson » posted 2007/10/13 08:35 pm
doesnt look like a fen cuz the fens dont have green on the gill plates
ryan peterson » posted 2007/10/13 08:36 pm
doesnt look like a fen cuz the fens dont have green on the gill plates
ryan peterson » posted 2007/10/13 08:37 pm
may be a cross between a vieja and something else idk but it could still be what you sed nice though
sharan knott » posted 2007/10/14 01:32 am
bip_ 4u (m) » posted 2007/10/14 08:58 am
mylan nguyen » posted 2007/10/15 01:04 pm
Nathan Sederholm » posted 2007/10/17 01:32 am
Looks like Zonatus.

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Latest comments:
keith wirrell

Well this guy is gone my tanderine tiger just went off 1 day and killed him
keith wirrell

& too you.
Manu8__ Too

There's no FH in this fish. He's your classic RD/Midas mix that find in 99.
Raheel Syed

Wow, I see large angels in the left one but what about in the right one?
Raheel Syed

Wow... looks like a red devil mated with a flower horn and there you go...
Raheel Syed

That's soooooo cool! I love oscars too but I don't think I'm ready to get o
Raheel Syed

that was the fun and not so fun part. It definitely took some time and pati