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A plea for politeness
A plea for politeness
A plea for politeness
(posted as offtopic)
Dear friends,

during the last couple of weeks I noticed that the tone on this site has become rougher. In particular some people behave extremely rude to newcomers to the site or to the hobby that don't do everything right from the beginning.

I don't like where this is going, and I'm afraid that it will cost us many members on the long run.

We all have been new in the hobby and made mistakes. Some were lucky, some were less lucky, but I'm sure everyone had a lesson to spend to learn how to keep care of our fish. Remember that some newcomers are even given bad advice from stores that just care for the money they make, not for the fish. Remember that not everybody has the possibilities (space, money, ...) to separate fish in overcrowded or badly mixed tanks even if it was overdue.

I'm completely aware that some people repeatedly refuse to take advice from people on this site. It makes me angry, too, when I see how people treat their fish. Yet, I believe that it helps nobody if we start insulting and yelling at each other, particularly not those fish. If newcomers leave the site because they're being insulted here or do not feel welcome for other reasons, they'll continue to keep their fish in bad conditions.

I sincerely ask everyone to be more polite on this site. Please stick to constructive and moderate (!) criticism: By giving positive examples, by showing how responsible cichlid care works, we can make a difference. On the long run, this will influence many more people by the positive "multiplicator effect" (see e.g.

Take care!
posted by: Alexander Langer

Feb 22nd, 2011
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Visitor Comments

Rob Fluharty » posted 2011/02/22 04:59 am
Wes St. Jean » posted 2011/02/22 05:02 am
I agree 1000% Alex... This is a place for newcomers as well as experienced , to learn from each other and share our love of this hobby, and these beautiful fish..
Rob Fluharty » posted 2011/02/22 05:08 am
i love the guys on this site they welcomed me with open arms and i find myself becoming more and more of a regular they are very knowledgable and only mean well
joshua weeks » posted 2011/02/22 05:09 am
alden praptono » posted 2011/02/22 05:36 am
bip_ 4u (m) » posted 2011/02/22 06:34 am
Well said Alex. I couldn't agree more.
leo chretien » posted 2011/02/22 06:47 am
dennis chiong maya » posted 2011/02/22 08:30 am
Louis Pereira » posted 2011/02/22 08:46 am
c r » posted 2011/02/22 09:32 am
Jackie Harms » posted 2011/02/22 10:34 am
curtis miller » posted 2011/02/22 11:37 am
Joey Solomon » posted 2011/02/22 11:53 am
Dan Noon (m) » posted 2011/02/22 12:49 pm
agree as well
phil milner » posted 2011/02/22 04:01 pm
Roger Hopper (m) » posted 2011/02/22 04:59 pm
Thank you Alex. I have said this more than once..
manuel nunes » posted 2011/02/22 05:02 pm
Fady El-Bahrawy » posted 2011/02/22 05:18 pm
Brennan P » posted 2011/02/22 07:21 pm
nathan T » posted 2011/04/04 07:18 pm
nigel trainor » posted 2011/09/12 05:13 pm
Steve Aldershof » posted 2011/09/12 06:19 pm
Thanks Alex! Great reading on this post! A must read new and old timers...IMO
Scott McFarlane » posted 2011/09/12 06:28 pm
I agree, a must read for all!
Russ Fey » posted 2011/09/12 06:50 pm
Cam Gillman » posted 2011/09/12 07:08 pm
awesome to read. Great post!
Justin Compagner » posted 2012/11/14 11:32 pm  
Hmmm lets all read this over again huh?
Lee Connatser » posted 2013/09/12 11:39 pm  
Personally I have not received much criticism from this site, one bad rating and two poor but everyone has a right to opinion. But over all I am pleased with the site. I hope we can continue to keep everyone welcome! Advice is good criticism is not the way to go. Everyone enjoy your fish and please keep posting!

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Dan Noon

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