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When setting up a new tank there are a number of things which you need to know to make sure that you don't get off on a bad foot, and possibly lose all of your new fish.

One of the most important things is known as 'cycling'. When you start a new tank there will be a so called 'nitrite peak' a few weeks after setup. Nitrite is poisonous to fish and can cause them to die. Hence it is very important that you carefully cycle your tank and won't insert any fish into the tank before it's properly running.

Here are a few links regarding tank-cycling. The first article explains the 'New Tank Syndrome' and the 'Nitrite Peak'. I strongly recommend to read this articles before you start with your tank.

Once your tank is cycled you may add cichlids.  However, before you should make sure that your fish are compatible (e.g. diet-wise), aren't going to outgrow the tank and exceed the limit of the filtration.

Here's a great example in the gallery on how to build a new tank. This one is a big (530 gallons!) Malawi tank, but you can see how a professional tank is built.

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Mike Wirkus

Lol I love rams. Never had one that got fins quite like this one
Mike Wirkus

Thank you. Just my phone for the camera but it does the job.
Mike Wirkus

Congrats man good luck with them babies. I have a pair also but the male ke
zac pettini

He looks great!
Rivera Rico

Added new fish and will be updating soon. Thank you for the comments.
zachary Dray

Nice! I have one living with my texas
Claudio Rocha

thanks guys!