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I Need Help Please629 LoonAttack 05/15/2000 02:01AM 
Last Post by Cichlidman
Aulonocara Jacobfriebergi Domwe Peacock708 Greg 05/14/2000 01:48PM 
Last Post by jeff
Actual water chemistry readings from Lake Malawi635 Shelley 05/13/2000 11:07PM 
Last Post by Shelley
I Need Help Please607 LoonAttack 05/13/2000 12:43AM 
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help cichlid deaths, long story621 14 Ginny 05/12/2000 07:20PM 
Last Post by Cichlidman
Anyone from the D.C. area?588 Tim 05/12/2000 02:40PM 
Last Post by pete
To Whomever Wanted Info on Red Top Cobalt811 Cichlidman 05/12/2000 01:51AM 
Last Post by Cichlidman
Mbuna544 Mike 05/12/2000 01:45AM 
Last Post by Cichlidman
Carbon or Zeolite948 Greg 05/12/2000 01:31AM 
Last Post by Cichlidman
Other Cichlid boards????612 Greg 05/11/2000 08:14PM 
Last Post by Cichlidman
The AHLI to good to be true & Hormones901 Greg 05/11/2000 07:42PM 
Last Post by Mcdaphnia
"hole in the head disease"518 victor 05/10/2000 12:40AM 
Last Post by etl
wood in tanks490 Dawsoni 05/10/2000 12:28AM 
Last Post by chuck
Same Fish?454 Kevin 05/09/2000 01:04PM 
Last Post by John L
Thanks guys but......438 Eric 05/09/2000 11:37AM 
Last Post by Cichlidman
Sand clouded up water, now what?551 Perch 05/09/2000 11:12AM 
Last Post by Cichlidman
filtration464 11 Dan Rodis 05/09/2000 10:57AM 
Last Post by Cichlidman
Red Tail with Cichlids?472 Kim Phillips 05/08/2000 03:29PM 
Last Post by CarryeAnne
Electric Blue Ahli's in Chicago572 Anibal 05/08/2000 01:01PM 
Last Post by Anibal
Will this work?557 Anibal 05/08/2000 12:31PM 
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HUH???471 Kevin 05/08/2000 04:03AM 
Last Post by african crazy
Pseudotropheus zebra??556 Eric 05/07/2000 10:22PM 
Last Post by Greg
jewel cichlids582 mark 05/05/2000 11:02PM 
Last Post by mark
Cichlid Novice827 20 Jim Swifka 05/05/2000 06:09PM 
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African Ciclids in PA642 Kevin 05/05/2000 04:16PM 
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Kent AF Cichlid products598 psk145 05/05/2000 12:00PM 
Last Post by Perch
Cichlidman - Salt701 Greg 05/04/2000 12:07PM 
Last Post by Perch
What Happened to the Post on Nitrifying Bacteria??587 Cichlidman 05/03/2000 11:52PM 
Last Post by Cichlidman
Pairing??576 Kevin 05/03/2000 11:39PM 
Last Post by Cichlidman
All Cichlids Great and Small Updated446 pete 05/02/2000 10:41PM 
Last Post by Perch